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Week 49: Image recognition Snaps, Messenger for kids, Amazon in Switzerland and AdWords Express for Lite users [News Review]

This week we are introducing a new challenge: keeping the episode below 10 minutes!
– Social Media: Snap filters with identification & Messenger for kids
– E-Commerce: Amazon comes to Switzerland
– Online Ads: Google AdWords Express is now available in Switzerland

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[#14] Facebook’s Rollercoaster

Hi everyone and welcome to episode 14!
As promised, this week’s show is entirely focused on Facebook . We know you are all busy people, so we have done a recap including the ups and downs of the publisher as well as the most important updates released this summer in order to make your lives easier!
It seems as if ever since other publishers entered the social market, Facebook desperately looks for new ways to become unique and exciting again. Every year, and almost every couple of months, Facebook releases a new feature or change, shooting in many different directions. Sometimes, these changes are good, but sometimes, there are not good at all…

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Welcome to week 38 news review!
This week, we have gathered the most important updates in the digital world that happened during the summer break. Some of our favourite social media publishers released a number of new features and ad solutions, but we have also seen many novelties in the technology side, that could be of great interest to our digital marketer listeners. So, let’s dive in!

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[#12] UX design: Why is it so important for digital marketers?

What is user experience design, and why is everybody talking about it? Over the past years, technology has evolved very fast, screen formats have multiplied, allowing users to browse, shop, post, etc. anywhere and anytime, even from our smartwatches! No surprise customers’ expectations have changed too…

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[#11] Digital Influencers: Who are they and how do they work with brands?

Influencer marketing has been an ongoing digital trend over the last few years. We’ve mentioned it in several episodes and wanted to cover this topic in depth for a while now. Last week, Julien and I had the opportunity to cover an event dedicated to these web celebrities in Geneva: le Royaume du Web; where we meet several influencers and had the chance to interview two of them.

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